Frugal Living On Less For The New Age

Saving moneyToday is a new age in frugal living.  The tough economic conditions we face daily make saving money a necessity now, more than ever. I’m not saying we have it as bad now as they did during the the depression but we certainly are in a difficult time when many people are feeling the pinch, having to cut back on expenses, stretch their dollars, live the simple life, get back to the basics, tighten the belt, trim the fat…well. you get the idea!

I was raise by a daughter of a Scottish immigrant who came of age during the Great Depression.  The conditions my mom endured during her teens combined with the thriftiness instilled in her by her mother and grandmother left a lasting impression on her-and me.  I’m not saying she was a tightwad or anything but did anyone else have a mother who washed the tin foil and use it over again?  I kind of doubt it.

Like I said, my mother’s frugal upbringing left a deep impression on me.  In this website I am attempting to pass along some of her best frugal living ideas and money saving tips.  Hopefully we’ll all get some benefit from her “Thrifty Scot” upbringing.

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